Welcome to Live Oak Counseling and Associates . We invite you to explore our website. Our hope is that you will find something here that is helpful or that speaks to you.

You may wonder if counseling is right for you. Perhaps you have found yourself in a season where you feel stuck or even lost and hopeless .

If so, consider this: successful, healthy people take steps to improve themselves.

Seeking counseling is a courageous step toward your healthier life. It means you have made the decision not just to survive but to thrive!

Think of it like taking a road trip. You have chosen your destination. You have spent hours researching places to stay and eat, things to do and the best route. So you hop into your car, plug the address into your phone and off you go with all of your high expectations.

But things don't go as planned. You lose cell service and have no map in the car. You are lost and have no idea which direction to go. You are feeling scared and alone. But you keep driving, hoping you will find someplace and someone who can show you the way.

So it is with our lives. Things go along smoothly and then life happens...an illness, an addiction, a rocky relationship, uncertainty about the future...you find yourself drifting along with no direction.

By taking that first step to seek help, you will begin the journey to the life you want and deserve.

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